Border Crisis Hits Southbury

Congresswoman Esty has been silent for nearly a month.

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For Immediate Release
July 17, 2014

Over three weeks ago, I called on Congresswoman Esty to take a stand on the issue of the national emergency facing our Southern border and the need to act immediately. With every day that has passed, we continue to hear heartbreaking stories of children enduring horrible conditions in holding areas and the tragedy of some dying along the journey to America.

Earlier this week, Democrat Governor Dan Malloy denied a request by the Obama administration to house 2,000 illegal immigrant children in the 5th District Town of Southbury.  Congresswoman Esty has yet to say if she would have supported the housing of these illegal border crossers in Southbury or what cities she would suggest.

When Esty finally weighed in on the issue yesterday, her decision was to take a poll. A poll! Rather than taking a stand for or against the proposal, she first wants to know which way will benefit her politically.  

I agree with Governor Dan Malloy that it is wrong to place a burden on local budgets, emergency services, and schools because the President and Congress refuse to enforce our laws and politicize important issues like national security and securing our borders.

If I were the current member of Congress I would deal with the immediate crisis confronting our country- a crisis created by President Obama and Congress- and immediately work on securing our border. 

I would work to set up locations in these countries so that our government would be able to process requests for those looking to come to our great country in a legal manner. Every day that Esty, Obama, and Congress refuse to deal with the crisis, more people embark on this perilous journey.

Once again, I call on Esty to tell voters in CT5 what her plan to deal with the influx of illegal immigrants across our southern border is. To hide behind polls or the term 'comprehensive immigration reform' in order to avoid taking a stand on a difficult issue is not what we send people to Congress to do.