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Watertown, CT 06795
Dear Friend,

I wanted to give you an opportunity to see Mark's new campaign ad, "Disturbing Pattern," which highlights Elizabeth Esty's "disturbing pattern" of raising taxes, supporting increases in social security taxes and running negative, false attack ads against Mark. Click below to watch the ad.

As you probably know, Esty has repeatedly lied about Mark's position on social security, earning her deceptive TV ad the most ringing FALSE rating of any political ad this cycle.

Please donate as generously as possible to help us keep this ad on the air and help tell voters that Esty's claims are actually LIES!

Millions of dollars in special interest money by Esty surrogates is backing her deceptive campaign.

This race is one of the most hotly contested and competitive races in the nation - and we can't let Esty get away with this! We can't let her lies win the day and win this seat! Please help us keep this ad on the air for as long as possible, so voters of the 5th District understand the truth about Elizabeth Esty and her lies! 

Mark is an outsider and a businessman who knows how to create jobs and balance budgets. Mark and his wife Linda founded the nonprofit Simon Foundation - an animal rescue facility. Mark has a long history of creating good jobs through economic development projects for more than 35 years.  

Bill Evans
Campaign Manager
Mark Greenberg for Congress