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Dear Friend,

Election Day is just over six weeks away. The clock is ticking on Elizabeth Esty's time in office - and with your help, we can make sure that as a Member of Congress, Esty's time will be up on November 4th!

With six weeks to go, our campaign once again calls on Elizabeth Esty to join our transparency pledge in CT5 and help block outside money in this important race. Voters deserve a discussion of the issues but instead, Esty, her supporters and outside groups want to bombard voters with push polls and 30-second attack ads supported by millions of dollars.

In a September 8th story in CT News Junkie, Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut, said "Common Cause Connecticut appreciates Mark Greenberg calling for a People's Pledge in Connecticut's 5th Congressional District race" and "We encourage Congresswoman Esty to negotiate a pledge with Mr. Greenberg to reduce the role of outside spending in the race." 

But unfortunately, Ms. Esty -- who was against this outside money before she was for it - remains firmly opposed to a People's Pledge and strongly committed to a negative campaign.

It appears there are no campaign tactics, tricks or deceptions too low for the Esty campaign and these surrogate groups. Recently, the Hartford Courant published a story about a 99-page opposition research book against Mark, including an entry that "Greenberg identifies as Jewish."

Imagine a book of 99 pages devoted to research about Mark - 99 pages of attacks designed to distract voters from Elizabeth Esty's failure to improve the economy or create jobs. During her two years in office, our economy has been stagnant and unemployment is still unacceptably high. Middle class families continue to lose ground.

The attack book was used by a pro-Esty group conducting a "push poll" over this past weekend, which is a thinly-disguised way to raise attack issues against Mark in the form of a question. The firm in question has been fined in the past for such actions, yet this did not stop the pro Esty forces for hiring them to do their dirty work against Mark.

The "pollster" read nearly verbatim from the opposition research book, asking question after question about whether the negative messages about Mark would make the person on the call "more or less likely" to vote for him.

It's a despicable tactic and widely repudiated by the media and others, but that does not stop Esty and her campaign supporters!

Click here to listen to the pollster tell the caller that Mark believes 'the amendment giving women the right to vote actually weakened the Constitution.' Now that will be news to his wife and four daughters!

Enough is enough.

Year after year people tell pollsters that they are sick of negative campaigning. Our campaign is again calling on Ms. Esty to live up to her words and to join Mark in a pledge to ban all outside money in this race --money that is being used to lie about Mark's positions.  

If she again refuses, I hope voters will send a strong message on November 4th that they will not tolerate this type of campaign!