Dear Friend,

I want to share with you Mark Greenberg's new campaign ad entitled "Esty's Record" which exposes Elizabeth Esty's disastrous record on Obamacare, the VA Administration scandal, foreign policy and the mishandling of the Ebola public health threat.

Esty continues to be wrong on the issues and wrong for the families and businesses of the 5th District. She has repeatedly put her blind support of President Obama's failed agenda ahead of the best interests of her constituents in the 5th District.

The new ad also points out that while Esty has served only two years in Congress, she has still managed to support every big government bureaucratic expansion and she has voted in lockstep with her Party for more spending and higher taxes, even at the expense of our citizens.

The ad also calls out Esty for repeatedly lying about Mark's record - even after being chastised by the media for her distortions.

Whether it is lying about Mark's position on social security or lying about Mark's record as a businessman, Elizabeth Esty has demonstrated a willingness to say or do anything to win at any cost, even when it means deliberately misleading voters.

In fact, the Courant's "Claim Check" gave Esty's ad attacking Mark's position on Social Security the strongest "FALSE" rating of any ad this campaign cycle!

The media isn't letting her get away with it, but Esty continues to lie to voters showing that she will do anything to remain a career-politician.

You can help too! Please donate as generously as possible so we can keep this new ad on the air for as long as possible. We need to call Esty out for her lies!

Bill Evans
Campaign Manager
Mark Greenberg for Congress
680 Main Street Suite #300
Watertown, CT 06795